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I believe that coaching programs should be tailored to specific needs – no two individuals, teams or organisations are the same.I have the depth and breadth of knowledge, experience and qualifications in Business, Psychology, Leadership/Management, Coaching and Science required to develop tailored programs that deliver results.

I focus on coaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) leaders by leveraging the problem-solving capabilities inherently present in STEM professionals.

I follow the Code of Ethics from the coachfederation.org and guidelines  ensuring that my programs and services are of the highest global standards of quality.

You can click here to find my ICF coaching credential at https://coachfederation.org/

Click here to find my Birkman Consultant credential at https://birkman.com/ 

Also, you can click here to find my Coaching credential at Gallup Strength Coach.

Executive Coaching

Today’s workplace is more dynamic, complex and competitive than ever before. Therefore business leaders at all levels (Board of Directors, C-Suite Executives, Human Resources, Directors and Managers) need more sophisticated and adaptive human capital solutions, to help them deliver on their vision and achieve organisational objectives sustainably. Executive & Organisational Coaching is such a solution.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching has become one of the most effective development tools with those individuals who have significant responsibility for the current and future success of an organisation. Now more than ever, leaders need a confidential and safe space, provided by the coaching relationship, to explore and integrate new leadership capabilities.


High Performance Coaching

In an increasingly complex and competitive corporate world, high performance coaching has become pivotal to the achievement of ambitious goals and objectives and hence, to success. Even the most experienced and successful employees will need assistance with learning new skills, knowledge, competencies and the necessary psychological flexibility to adapt to the dynamic, complex and volatile nature of today’s work environment.

Team Coaching

Organisations need a different, more effective approach to team interventions to succeed in the 21st Century. Team coaching has been shown to be that new effective approach as it provides the foundation for optimal design and development of team context, conditions and processes – key enablers of effective teamwork. Furthermore, team coaching focuses on systematically increasing and maintaining the quality of engagement internally and externally, resulting in high performing teams.

Career Coaching

Career coaching is an extremely powerful tool used by savvy individuals who choose to manage their careers in a very focused and goal-oriented way over a lifetime. In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and unstable (VUCA) times, career coaching has proven to be more essential than ever as it can take place in a wide range of contexts (e.g., new graduate, mid-career, disruptive job creation, redundancy, retirement and other major transitions) and life stages.

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