2023-06-09 17:26:43
Birkman Method – Know Yourself Better أعرف نفسك اكثر

Utilize the Power of The Birkman Method

The Birkman Signature Suite is our advanced behavior report package that delivers data-rich insights to drive successful organizational development and to help you grow professionally.  Our high-level personality data will help you increase emotional intelligence, amplify growth, and strengthen performance.

Highlights of the Signature Suite report package include:

  • 45+ reports tailored to coach individuals through each stage of the employee lifecycle
  • Covers insights such as strengths and blind spots, differences to watch, coaching information, and more
  • Measure interests, behavior, and motivation
  • Data on nine different behavioral Components
  • Mapping dimensions for group data
  • Can be used in any area of your organization to empower performance

What Does Birkman Measure?

The nine Birkman Behavior Components are:

Social Energy

Your sociability, approachability, and preference for group and team participation

Physical Energy

Your preferred pace for action and physical expression of energy

Emotional Energy

Your openness and comfort with expressing emotion


Your use of sensitivity when communicating with others


Your tendency to speak up and express opinions openly and forcefully


Your approach to detail, structure, follow-through, and routine


Your drive for personal rewards or preference to share in group reward


How you choose to focus attention or change focus and seek varied activities


Your decision-making process and concern for consequences in making the right decisions


Scalable Birkman Solutions. One Assessment.